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Why keeping your computer patched and updated is so important.

A patch is a piece of software that a company issues whenever a security flaw is uncovered. Just like the name implies, the patch covers the hole, keeping hackers from further exploiting the flaw. These cybersecurity tools are usually sent out to quickly fix bugs that may be occurring and create a safe computer environment. They may also be built into your next regularly schedule update. That’s why it’s very important to keep all of your software and handheld devices up-to-date.

3rd party software patches though mildly annoying serve an important role. When you browse the internet, your computer is at the mercy of its current protective measures. Viruses, malware and cyber thieves are always lurking waiting to exploit security holes and gain entry to your personal data. To protect your devices from a security breach, you should keep your antivirus software update and download recommended updates as soon as you are alerted.

The Microsoft Windows Automatic Update feature always sends you alerts of important updates when you are in the middle of something critical. These pop-ups ask you to allow the updates to be installed or even request a system reboot. The temptation is easy enough to ignore the update or cancel the shutdown.

Software updates whether big or small are important. Much like with changing the oil in your car or going to a doctor for annual checkups, updates are necessary. Computers and the software they house require regular updates to ensure they continue to run safely and efficiently.

Sadly most people ignore these signs and let their computers be unpatched and at Viruses and hacker's mercy. This is where VortexShield comes in. We will manage and monitor the Antivirus that we install on your computer, patch Windows, and 3rd party software that we manage and lastly run maintenance tasks on your computer. such as clearing cookies to free up space.

To find out more about VortexShield and our solution visit our website.

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