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What is Anti-Virus as a Service – AvaaS

When your computer is connected to the internet, you are exposing it to Malware that includes Viruses, Worms Bots, Trojan Horses, ransomware, Adware, Spyware, and Spam that have been growing and expanding furiously for many years. According to AV-Test, there is over 350k new malware created every day! These programs can be developed into portals that look like legitimate sites that could trick people to steal personal information and sell it, encrypt a computer and require a ransom to unlock it, and much more nasty stuff.

What benefits does a regular Antivirus provide?

Antivirus software is a 3rd party software that users should install on their computers. The purpose of antivirus software is to identify and block the entrance of malware and other types of viruses as mentioned above. For Antivirus software to be effective, it should be configured properly so it can look at all the data that travels through the network towards your computer, check files that are being downloaded, checks software that is running on the computer, and scans USBs and other devices that are being connected to the computer.

Viruses are sneaky. Designed to enter a device, spread its malicious code, give access to your computer to a hacker, or do other malicious things and then move on to infect another device, a virus is even more dangerous as it can often stay hidden until it is too late.

Traditional antivirus software has a certain image of what a threat looks like, based on a previously created database of known threats. On top of that, it also gathers new information about newer threats and updates its database for future reference. At its core, the antivirus is a compiled application that constantly scans other apps, in an attempt to compare the information that it gets with information it already has stored in a database of virus signatures.

What’s the issue with regular Antivirus software?

Traditional Antivirus solutions are no longer adequate to deal with today’s sophisticated cyber threats, leaving devices exposed and vulnerable to malware and other critical vulnerabilities that unpatched software has. Additionally, most people don’t maintain their Antivirus software properly due to Antivirus software having many and sometimes complex settings, not keeping up with updates, and having several options that pop up when threats are detected leading to malicious software getting on their computers, and getting hacked.

What is Anti-Virus as a Service – AvaaS

Anti-Virus as a Service (AVaaS) is the next generation of a traditional Antivirus software that takes protecting of your Pc or a laptop to the next level. AVaaS provides everything that a traditional Antivirus software would plus a multi layered defense of your device with advanced features, Also, your Antivirus checks in to cloud-based servers and is managed by a Security Operations Center teams (SOC) where there are automated processes and certified IT experts monitor your device for malware and other unwanted activity and can respond to it accordingly.

How Does VortexShield differ from an AVaaS provider?

VortexShield is an Anti-Virus as a Service (AVaaS) provider and a pioneer in this space with offering much more than a regular AVaaS provider would for home and business users. VortexShield is also the first in the world to provide AVaaS for home users with custom plans that will fit any home PC or laptop user’s need. All “VortexShield - Protect Home” plans for home users include:

· Antivirus - Top of the line Antivirus software picked by our skilled and certified experts.

· Intelligent firewall - Application-aware bi-directional firewall augments the built-in Windows firewall to protect users on the network

· Behavior-based detection - Security suite constantly monitors for ransomware-like actions such as the manipulation of important processes and raises an alert if suspicious behavior is detected

· Malware detection, prevention, and protection - Prevent viruses, malware, Trojans, phishing, ransomware, spyware, browser-based attacks, crypto-jacking, and a wide range of other endpoint threats with our signature-based detection

· Multi-shield protection - Endpoint Protection includes the following shields for predictive protection against zero-day threats: Real-Time, Behavior, Core System, Web Threat, Identity, Phishing, and Offline

· Monitoring and response - All of our agents report back to our centralized console that is monitored by our certified technicians, if any viruses or patching issues come up we will know about it and respond accordingly.

· Sandbox submissions - Received a file or an email that you are not sure if you should open? Send it to us and we will run it through our sandbox and let you know if it's safe.

· Windows patch management – Our certified technicians will keep your computer up to date with important security and feature updates.

· 3rd Party updates - 3rd party updates managed by our technicians that are also critical to your computer's security as malicious users exploit outdated software that allows them in. We keep several 3rd party applications updated including 7zip, Adobe, Chrome, Firefox and more

· Daily scans with automated response - Virus scans on daily basis and if malware is detected our automated response and our technicians will take care of it

· Support - If you see any issues related to service that we provide you can always submit a ticket and we will check on it

· Customer portal - View your subscription, make changes, and add or remove services

VortexShield has two business plans depending on your needs “VortexShield - Protect Business” and “VortexShield - Protect Business+” VortexShield business plans include everything mentioned in home plans plus:

· Automated Sandbox - This powerful layer of protection against advanced threats analyzes suspicious files in depth and detonates payloads in a contained virtual environment

· Hyper Detect machine learning - Local machine learning models and advanced heuristics trained to spot hacking tools, exploits, and malware obfuscation techniques to block sophisticated threats before execution

· Priority Support - Priority queue support

· Reports - Curious about how your computers are doing? We can provide a report upon request. All you need to do is to submit a ticket.

· EDR (Endpoint, Detection, Response) - Allows clear visibility into malicious software and their workflows through an Endpoint Data Recorder. Included with Business+

· Endpoint Risk Management - Continuously analyzes risk using hundreds of factors to uncover and prioritize configuration risks to all your endpoints, enabling automatic hardening actions. It identifies user actions and behaviors that pose a security risk to the organization. Included with Business +

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