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Want faster Wi-Fi connection? Here are some tips.

Here are some quick facts to guide you to peak performance.

Many factors affect your Wi-Fi

The location makes a difference:

  • Distance from the Wi-Fi Router or Extender

  • Thick walls or routers and devices on different floors

Other devices can affect your signal too:

  • Cordless phones, baby monitors & microwaves

  • Devices using Bluetooth

  • Other Wi-Fi networks near your home

Also, note that other Wi-Fi networks near your home can impact your Wi-Fi signal and speed.

Network speed and Wi-Fi Speed

The speed you get on hardwired computers is different than the speed of your Wi-Fi. Your hardwired computer is connected directly to your network. The Wi-Fi signal travels through the air to reach your devices. That’s why it’s affected by walls and other signals. Go to and take your network for a test run! The speed test will measure the speed delivered to the specific device you are using for the test. We recommend running this speed test from a computer that is wired to the router. Using a wireless device will not give you an accurate measure of the speed as it will test the speed of your home Wi-Fi rather than the speed of the network connection.

Newer devices perform better

The older your mobile device, the more likely you’ll have older Wi-Fi technology that will result in slower Wi-Fi speed results. Upgrade your device or go to a computer shop and see if they can upgrade the wireless card in your laptop.

A Wi-Fi Health Check Finds any Dead Zones

Walk around your house and check Wi-Fi strength throughout your home to identify areas that need a Wi-Fi boost. Have dead spots? Let VortexShield upgrade your Wi-Fi to an Eero mesh solution and forget about slow Wi-Fi.

Keep your devices protected

Part of a great Wi-Fi experience is staying safe and secure. VortexShield Device Security suite lets you protect devices from online threats such as malware, ransomware, viruses, and phishing scams. Go to to find out more.

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