About us

VortexShield provides a cutting-edge cybersecurity antivirus suite solution for home and business users that is monitored, and it comes with a remote virus response. VortexShield also provides consulting services that include network, backups, and voice solutions for any business globally. VortexShield's solutions are backed by 20+ years of experience in enterprise environments and several industry certifications.

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Why do you need us?

At this time when all things that we do are going digital, you need secure solutions more than ever to safeguard and manage your personal computers, data centers, networks, cloud, and voice systems!

With so many antivirus providers out there, how do you know which one is a good one plus, how to properly configure and manage the software that has so many complex and confusing settings and several options that pop up when threats are detected?

The answer is that most people don’t know and they end up picking a bad solution, mismanaging their antivirus software, and getting infections that can lead to their data getting stolen, getting ransomware, being a part of a botnet, and much more nasty stuff.

As a small business owner managing your critical application, network, telecom/voice systems, and security systems is frustrating and confusing plus it can lead to getting hacked, data being stolen, getting viruses if it’s mismanaged, and much worse. At VortexShield Consulting Services (VSCS)  we understand managing all those systems and we support them. Customer Support is our paramount goal and we are working hard to be one of the best.


Our Solutions

Protecting Your Digital World!

​VortexShield solves all those issues by providing you with a top of the line Antivirus software picked by our certified experts that will protect you from threats, keep your Windows and 3rd party applications up to date with applying weekly patches,  and finally, we will monitor your PC or laptop for threats, patching, and remediate issues that come up through our certified technicians.

VortexShield Consulting Services(VSCS) provides consulting services to Small, Mid, and Large scale industries for Network, Security, Firewall, and Telecom/Voice systems. VSCS has partnered with providers those are pioneer on these platforms. We monitor and support all platforms.

You can have a good night's sleep when you have VortexShield Services!


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How are we different from regular Service  Providers

There are no Antivirus providers out there that will manage your Antivirus software, keep up on patching for you with real people monitoring for threats and remediating issues!

All this for a similar cost as purchasing traditional Antivirus software would be!

VSCS is very different from other consulting services out there, we develop solutions and support models keeping customers in mind and not profit. we provide a tailored solution for each customer, and not one size fits all solution. we hear our customers!

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VortexShield vs others

Regular Antivirus provider

  • Antivirus Software

  • Definition Updates

VortexShield's Antivirus Solution

  • Antivirus Software

  • Definition Updates

  • Windows Patch Management

  • 3rd Party Patch Management

  • Virus Monitoring

  • Certified technicians monitoring for malware and patching issues

  • Remote response in case of malware or patching issues

  • Manual Sandbox submissions

  • EDR ( with business plans)

  • Endpoint Risk Management (with business plans)

  • Hyperdetect with machine learning (with business plans)

Other Consulting Service providers

  • Cookie-cutter solutions often are not done right.

  • Do not have adequate knowledge of products and platforms.

  • One size fits all solution.

VortexShield Consulting Services (VSCS)

  • We provide services to all size companies.

  • We have team members that are experts in the and have been working for more than 20 years in varying industries.

  • We tailor our services to understanding customers and not our profits.

  • We support our customers 24x7x365.

  • Our certified support team monitors the systems real time and will work proactively resolving the problems rather than work reactively once the problem is discovered so that we have less downtime and be cost effective.

  • Remote immediate response for our customers, Phone, chat, or email.

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