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Are you using and Old and Expensive phone system

Legacy and Old phone systems are still in use, its very difficult to manage and maintain them,  in return they are very expensive. They also tend to break more often and replacing them is a Pain! Do you think you are spending more on your phones? Do you need to evaluate your phone service? 


Cloud based system

VortexShield Phone system is a cloud based ready to use solution, we have partnered with Industry leading providers to provide you with the best in class solutions, we not only provide the solution but manage and maintain it. You will see your ROI in the first month.

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VortexShield is here to Help!

If you are having old and legacy systems, you are not alone, we see a lot of our customers using these systems. VortexShield Voice and Call center solution is here to help, we will review your current system and its architecture and recommend you the best solution. You can still have your own number, but MORE IMPORTANT is for LESS COST, more AVAILABILITY, PHONES ARE INCLUDED and with an app that you can use anytime,  anywhere and never miss a customer.

We partner and work with the best in industry

Cytracom is not just a phone phone system but much more , you can have best experience with your phone system with more reliability and scalability . For business users or executives, you can voice , text and fax using one interface and for contact center its all together different world, loads of apps and features to support and make customer and your customer support team happy, to learn more contact us or chat with us.

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