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Feature-rich voice for your business

Are you using an old and expensive phone system or do you need a new business voice system?

Legacy and old phone systems are still in use, and it's challenging to manage and maintain them, plus they don't provide many features that modern cloud-based phone systems have. In return, they are costly, they also tend to break more often, and repairing them is a pain!


Cloud-based VoIP system

What does a cloud-based business voice solution mean to your business?

  • No on-site voice servers.

  • No worries about maintaining or upgrading voice server hardware.

  • No hardware support contracts.

  • No expensive voice server licensing.

  • No costly dedicated SIP or PRI trunks are needed.

  • No contracts

  • Easy inclusive pricing

  • US-based support

  • Free phones

  • Softphones Included

  • Unified Communications Call Center included 



VortexShield is here to Help!

We will review your current system and its architecture and recommend the best solution or design a brand new one if you don't have one. You can still keep your own business phone numbers, but more important usually for less cost, more availability, and more features.

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Intuitive, tightly integrated mobile and desktop apps designed for working from anywhere

Mobile Apps

Take your business on the go with an iOS or Android Mobile app. Use your mobile phone to make and receive calls or send text messages easily from your business number. Make sure customers can reach you wherever you work.

Desktop App

Leverage a powerful communications hub for real-time interactions with teams and customers.

Make every conversation count

Our business communication suite lets customers choose how they want to have a conversation. Do you work remotely? Great. Use the softphone Mobile App. Need to multitask and talk? Desktop App lets you talk, text, and fax. All from a single pane of glass.

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