Fast and secure wired and wireless network for your business 

Wired and Wireless Network design 

Constructing a network from the ground up is a demanding job, most notably when you have a business network that should be set up completely different from a home network and little experience in network construction and administration. For many businesses, improper network design can be a serious impediment to operations resulting in unreliable speeds, poor voice quality, security gaps, and much more. VortexShield will design and build a new, reliable, and secure network tailored to your needs.


Wired and Wireless Network Security

Did you know that network is the first line of defense coming into your company?  Let us help with defending your company with Next Generation Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Malware Protection, Sandbox, DNS Security,  Network Segmentation, Secure Wi-Fi, and much more. 

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Wired and wireless network management and maintenance

Maintaining a business network can be a daunting task for someone that has no networking experience with managing things like VLANs, Trunking, DHCP, Routing, Port Channels...and the list goes on.  Let our certified experts manage and monitor your network so you can sleep well at night and not worry about how are you going to manage a complex technical infrastructure. 

We partner and work with the best in industry

Cisco is a leader in all aspects of network and network security hardware and solutions all the way from small business to enterprise 

Paloalto is a leader and innovator in network security and other cybersecurity solutions. Always staying ahead of the rest.

Ubiquity provides all aspects of business networking solutions for small businesses that don't have a large budget. 

Reliably delivered with simple cloud-managed networking Firewalls, switches, and WiFi access point devices.

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