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  Welcome to Alpha program! 

Thank you for helping us with testing. Alpha program users will enjoy a $1.49 a month price per installed agent for life! To where our normal price is $10.99 a month per installed agent. You might receive an email with questions about your experience.

*** Important information ***

Please uninstall any 3rd party Antivirus software that you might have on your computer before proceeding forward. as having multiple antivirus solutions will interfere with their functionality. You can click here to see general instructions on how to uninstall a program from a computer or watch a video by clicking here

Here is a list of common Antivirus programs to check your computer for: 

  • Avast

  • Norton

  • McAfee

  • Eset

  • TrendMicro

  • Bitdefender

  • Webroot

  • Avira

  • Kaspersky

  • Vipre

  • AVG

             By clicking continue you agree to our user agreement found by clicking here.

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